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On Friday evening, the White House announced the suspension of Chinese researchers and students from entering the United States, in the latest sign of tensions between Beijing and Washington, which is raging over the trade, the Coronavirus, human rights and the Hong Kong case. And, according to Sky News, that the White House made it clear that the decision to prevent Chinese students and researchers from entering the United States came on the pretext that they "unofficially collect sensitive information to serve the Chinese army." For his part, US President Donald Trump said that the United States has suspended entry of Chinese posing a potential "threat" to security to its territory, and the start of the process of cancelling trade exemptions granted to Hong Kong. The Chinese bill comes after mass demonstrations in Hong Kong in 2019 against the influence of Beijing, characterized by violence and fostered a pro-democracy current that has been marginalized in the past. China has accused Washington of contributing to fueling matters by publicly supporting the demonstrators. "Today, we are suspending the entry of some Chinese nationals who we consider to be a potential threat to security," Trump said in a statement on China and Hong Kong. Trump also announced that the United States would begin the process of cancelling trade exemptions granted to Hong Kong, describing the Chinese move in this city as a "tragedy" for the world. "Hong Kong is no longer sufficiently self-governing to justify the special treatment we have been giving it since it was returned," Trump said, adding, "I, therefore, ask my administration to launch the process of ending exemptions that allow Hong Kong to receive different and special treatment." He continued: "The Chinese government's move against Hong Kong is the latest in a series of measures that ease the situation the city has enjoyed for a long time. It is a tragedy for Hong Kong residents, the people of China and of course the people of the world as well." China earlier warned the United Nations that "any attempt to use Hong Kong to interfere in China's internal affairs is doomed to failure." Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, Jang Jun, during a video session of the UN Security Council, held at the request of Washington and London, on the law on the controversial national security that Beijing wants for Hong Kong, urged the United States and Britain to stop making baseless accusations against China »as stated in a statement of the Chinese diplomatic mission.

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