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What is the term Jahiliyya Period?

Jahiliyya period, is long time of ignorance, darkness and barbarism covered by the Arabs, before the advance of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Is a period of power supremacy of various groups, clans and tribes. 0 CEt

This term can be used in reference to the Arabic culture before the arrival of Islam.

Before the Islamic conversion a portion of the Arab tribes were nomadic, with a strong community spirit and some specific society rules. Their culture was patriarchal, with rudimentary religious beliefs. Although there were some traces of monotheism in the "hanifs" figures, their religious beliefs were based mostly on idol adorations and social congregations once a year around the Kaaba for trading and exchanges. Since the term is, in its deep sense, used as a condition, and not as an historical period,[7] the Jahiliyya is used to describe the period of ignorance and darkness that preluded the arrival of Islam. It refers to the general condition of those that haven't accepted the Muslim faith.

The Arabs on those days are living base on power, the more powerful you are, the more respect and immunity you posses.

People of Jahiliyya have several religions and places of worship base on their belief. The Holy Ka'aba was on that time full of idols, with up to 360 idols.

Some practices of Arabs during the Jahiliyya period.

- killing of female children - Adultery and fornication -Gambling -Robbery and stealing -Illegal murder -Inheritance of wives by male children from their parents.

Conclusively, all these acts as of that time are considered legal by the Arabs. But since the advent of Islam, all these activities are gradually condemned.

And Allah knows Best

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