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A mobile device or a mobile phone is one of the most common devices that are used today, around the clock, but many do not know the risk resulting from some incorrect use of these devices, especially on the brain.

 The International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is affiliated with the World Health Organization, describes mobile phone radiation as a "carcinogen for humans", and recent research, including a clinical oncology study carried out in 2009, has reached conclusions that confirm this theory.

 According to "cbsnews", the scientist Devera Davis, author of the book "Disconnecting: The Truth About Cellular Phone Radiation", outlined how industrial companies are trying to hide these damages, and how to protect the family from them, and indicates in her book that users are making fatal errors that enhance their exposure to these risks  Which:

 Sleep with the cell phone

 Some people, especially teens, are connected to their mobile phones and spend long times browsing social media, to the point that some sleep with their phone next to their head or under its pillow, which poses great risks to human health.

 Phones continuously transmit electromagnetic signals when they are operating, which indicates that the body and head are exposed throughout the night to these harmful signals, which stop only when the phone signal is completely disconnected.

 Experts advise that you set the phone to fly while sleeping, or shut down the device completely, and if you need to be available to receive calls, place the phone several meters away from your bed.

 Carry the cell phone near the body

 Some consider that the pockets and the means of carrying the mobile that are attached to clothes are a good place to keep the cell phone while on the move, but Dr. Davis noted the seriousness of this process and its dangerous side effects, and confirmed that the body absorption of cell phone signals decreases significantly with increasing distance, and carrying the phone  A few inches away from the body gives hundreds of times less radiation than it attaches to the body.

 Encourage children to use cell phones

 The researcher pointed to the need to keep children away from mobile phones, especially from the ear region, for a good reason. She confirmed that the children's skulls are thinner than the skulls of adults, and that their brains are in the stage of rapid growth, so their skulls cannot prevent the issued radiation that would cause harm  The largest on the brain in the stages of growth.

 Scientist Davis stressed the need to use amplifiers or headphones in the event children want to use the phone, or any tool that will keep the child away from the phone for his protection.

 Use the phone while the signal is low

 The weaker the signal the cell phone receives, the stronger the signal the phone transmits, because the operating system tries to access the network and increases the transmission, so this period of moments is that you must keep the phone away from the body as much as possible, so the researcher noted the need to use  Loudspeaker or speakers when you notice a low signal coverage in the phone.

 Set the keyboard or screen in the opposite direction to the body

 The researcher pointed out that the cellular devices usually emit a stronger signal from the side of the keyboard or screen, so I mentioned the need to place the phone so that the tablet is in a direction opposite to the body, so that the signals that the body receives are reduced as possible.

 Although most mobile phone manufacturers at the present time are currently trying to keep strong broadcasts from the back of the device, but it is advised to keep a separation distance between the ear and the phone during the call or pregnancy.

 Longitudinal calls

 The researcher stressed that the use of the phone for long periods, especially during calls increases the amount received by the body from these harmful radiation, and noted the need to limit cell phone calls to a period not exceeding a few minutes for long conversations, and in the case of a landline phone, relying on it is the best solution.

 Not to switch sides

 The researcher indicated that the body receives more radiation when exposed to it from only one region, and is related to the dose, that is, the amount that the body receives from the radiation, so she advised that the alternation between the bodies that you use during the communication (right and left), and alternate the destinations and places of keeping the phone constantly around the body  .

 When calling, do not put the phone on permission unless the person calling has answered, because the phones emit very strong radiation when starting the call and creating the call.

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