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 US President Donald Trump said Tuesday, May 26, that he is preparing for a very strong move against China this week.

 Trump's talk of taking action against China comes because of its efforts to impose national security laws on Hong Kong, but he did not provide details, according to Reuters.

 Asked if he would impose sanctions on China for its actions in Hong Kong, Trump told reporters at the White House: "We are doing something now ... I think you will find it very exciting. But I will not talk about it today."

 "You will hear about this ... before the end of the week, it is very strong, I think," he added in response to another question.

 It is noteworthy that China is seeking to impose the national security laws in force in the country on the city of Hong Kong, which enjoys wide autonomy.

 The Chinese move could spark new protests in Hong Kong, after demonstrations in 2019 that often witnessed violence that led to the worst unrest, since its return to Beijing in 1997.

 For its part, China warned the United States against undermining Chinese interests in Hong Kong, amid an increase in the political tension between Beijing and Washington.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Li Jiang accused the United States of seeking to harm China's national security.

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