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Another Billionaire from Anambra Launches Airline (Photos)

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A Businessman and CEO of the Dome, Abuja Dr. Obiorah Okonkwo is expected to float with United Airlines.

Dr. Okonkwo was born on December 5, 1965 in Gombe, Northeastern Nigeria.


He is a trained political scientist in Russia and a skilled Businessman. He is a member of the boards of directors of several companies, including The Dome Entertainment and Hospitality Limited, Solicom Engineers Limited, Private Airline Services Limited, among others.

Photo Credit Opera News Hub


The company is headquartered in Abuja, and is the parent organization of Summit Restaurant and Tray, Camelot Spa, Body Bodistest Health and Fitness Bar, Bowling Alley, Twins Cafe and Bakery, Francis Hotel and others.

Dr. A sincere Catholic Opiora. This is evident from the miracle of her two planes, who invite Mother Marianne and the blessed Ewen Tansy. Blessed Ewen Tansy was a late Catholic priest from Aguler, Anambraval, who was succeeded by Pope John Paul II in 1997.


This global epidemic in Corona is delaying the airline. However, with full trade marketing, much progress is being made in providing high-quality and professional aviation services to travelers across the country.

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Yankx: This is Great, but is this information verifiable