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KEBBI STATE HISBAH ANNUAL REPORT FROM JANUARY TO DECEMBER 2019: Mahi arg It has been a tradition for Kebbi state Hisbah to publicize its annual activities. In line with this old age tradition, Kebbi state Hisbah interacted with the journalists where its annual report was aired to them. Director of Shari ' ah Keb bi state firstly briefed the pressmen. He says: Chairman Hisbah Committee Alhaji Suleiman Muhammad Birnin Kebbi and his deputy Malam Mamuda Geza, members of the press, government representatives, ladies and gentle men Assalamu Alaikum: Hisbah Committee is action oriented and also result oriented. We also engaged in a peaceful resolution of either conflicts, misunderstandings or societal problems. Between January and December 2019, we have resolved 210 conflicts/ misunderstandings. This was achieved through dialogue. For your information ladies and gentlemen problems that have gone far were referred to Nigeria police who would ultimately use their powers to settle the problems or take them up to the competent courts of law. Moreover, another societal problem which people would rather come to us than go anywhere is that of abandoned babies. In this, we have taken eleven (11) abandoned babies to the relevant local government department who subsequently took them to the orphanage house for proper maintenance. But, we normally give them first aid then move to hospital for medical check - up before handing the baby over to the local government. We also received sixty three (63) lost children and reunited them with their parents or guardians. Permit me to use this medium to admonish the general public on the need to be vigilant on children, despite we are duty - bound to protect them. In addition to this, about twenty one cases of missing children came to our office but those who brought the cases did not come to tell us what happened. We are calling on them to develop a habit of reporting back to us. Hisbah Committee also intervened and amicably resolved six (6) forced marriages, Anything that has to do with the parents and their wards we meet them at home to resolve the issues within the comfort of their home. Anything that involves parents and children was treated with the care and caution. It is a highly sensitive issue. Nevertheless, Hisbah intervened in the settlement of bad loans, more than nineteen (19) bad loans (unpaid ) loans were repaid. But in some cases we referred those involved to the court of law when we discovered that cheating and deception were involved, that is breach of trust. Anyway, we naturally prefer a peaceful resolution through dialogue. We also had a case of a buried baby, the case is at the moment in court. Another criminal offense is that of rape. You know, rape is a criminal offense the world over. We don't joke with it. We had one case and we promptly took it to court. Unwanted pregnancy due to forced marriages and broken families. Nineteen (19) cases were reported to us and we took the necessary action. Thanks to this, our emirs: Gwandu, Argungu, Yauri and Zurua advised people to invariably ask the whereabouts of their children. God will ask us for that. Keeping either married women, or unmarried in hotels is also an offence, we had twenty (20) cases and we acted in line with the laws. Mobile phones greatly encouraged this menace. Sodomy or rather homo - sexual was another thing we battled with, we received two ( 2) cases, in a related crime that is prostitution we had twenty five (25) cases. In addition to this another crime was that of Drugs abuse especially Shisha, some intoxicating substances are often included into it, it is very difficult to stop, it is very rampant but we contrived to arrest only eleven (11) cases. In this, even ladies were not left out. The issue of girls still resurfaced, we arrested twelve girls (12) from various hotels, you should know that social Media, increases this menace. Ladies and gentlemen, those who have gone insane due to the effects of drugs. We promptly took them to Zuru rehabilitation centres, eight (8) cases came to us. Interestingly, some have been discharged. Beer consumption too is purely unislamic, we had four (4) cases. Hizbah Committee is not limited to arresting criminals alone we also engage in re -unification services. We traced the families of some people who might have lost their roots. Our leaders are always advising people to know the roots of the people they intend getting married to properly before getting into marriage. It is necessary for a wife to ask her husband to take her to his roots before or immediately after the marriage. We traced seven (7) families. Marriage contracted with the pregnancy we had three (3) cases. The said marriages were dissolved in line with the Islamic injunction. Spoiling of somebody's character in order to tarnish their image we had three (3) cases. Concocting or Doctoring lies against somebody, We had also three (3) of such cases. Fraud in Hajj related issues we had only two (2,) cases. It is disheartening because somebody would be saving his hard - earned money to go to Makah only for someone to dupe them, hence, we have taken appropriate action against them. Inheritance, God Has already done this, we used God's interpretation and solved seventeen (17) cases we had. The summation, or rather the total number of people taken to courts were sixty five ( 65). Ma'a salam. Thank you Reporter - chiarman Hisbah based on what the director of shari'ah has just said what are your comments ? Chairman Hisbah - Alhamdulillah, Sulaiman Muhammad is my name, chiarman Hisbah kebbi state, though my director has already said it all. Reporter - ok What is your call to people? Chirman Hisbah - I'm using this medium to call on people to report to us when a family is in financial crises before it becomes too bad. Again for pre- wedding pregnancy, it us wrong for a society to allow this thing happen before getting marriage. Reporter - Any other thing? Chairman Hisbah - I'm also calling on parents to stop the forced marriage palaver. Finally, i will not come to an end to this revelation devoid of eulogizing our action governor sen. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu and his experienced SSG Alh. Babale Umar Yauri, hence that, on behalf of my director sharia i wish them world of fulfuilment in many years to come . I also call on people that are well to- do to help Hisbah, as government is doing its best Alhamdulillah.
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