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Messi and Ramos leave for free because of Corona.

 Can you imagine Sergio Ramos or Lionel Messi leaving Real Madrid and Barcelona for free because of salary cuts?  Something that was unthinkable just a few months ago.

 Possible government intervention could allow clubs to be able to cut wages as a result of work reform, but this would be an unprecedented measure.

 Nobody knows for sure how much the Corona pandemic will be on the financial side of football, but one thing is certain: there will be much less money in the game upon his return.

 Nothing will be saved as a result, including players ’salaries, with clubs having to take a serious look at players’ restructuring contracts to ensure they don’t spend more money than they have available.  Their payrolls reflect such planning, but the world in which these plans worked out no longer exist.

 Clubs across Europe managed to cut wages temporarily while soccer was not allowed, but with football returning soon, we are facing a difficult problem that may affect some of the biggest stars in the Spanish League.

 It is estimated that next year clubs can lose up to 70 percent of their income, and as such will have to cut wage costs.

 "The clubs should press the salaries of the players who already have, or sign fewer players and search for cheaper prices," said Spanish President of the Spanish Football Federation.

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